Scope .

New technologies enable insurance, to change its status quo, business models and way of serving customers in the age of continuous change. We are investing in visionary founders eager to build this next generation of insurance and capable to take their vision off-the-ground.


Increasing impact of evolving customer experience, data, digital platforms and new risks comes from everywhere. Beyond pure insurtech, we are investing in all sectors influencing insurance: fintech, digital health, mobility, smart houses and cybersecurity.


We feel especially comfortable well, where most rarely even look into – early-stage, usually taking the position of first institutional investor. Surrounded by insurance and tech professionals, we offer experienced advice and network to help founders take their companies off-the-ground and fly.
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Europe is a home market to more than 3200 insurance-related startups, spotted by sourcing algorithm in the past 12 months. We see newborns each week. Leveraging our pan-european origin and network, we help founders benchmark with European competition and scale internationally.
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Portfolio .

Enabling bancassurance in the digital age

Aazzur has developed a middleware enabling insurance distribution in the era of digital banking. Aazzur spots life events in transaction data and triggers sales directly in the banking app.

Network intrusion-detection sondes to trick cyber criminals

It is a French deep tech cybersecurity startup, which ensures the detection of cyberattacks for all sensitive networks. In times, when cyber risks are still difficult to underwrite and price, it is a tech solution which replaces insurance policies.

Parametric weather insurance for farmers & SMEs

Wetterheld is the first company in Europe offering easy-to-purchase personalized weather insurance, e.g.: farmers against drought, event organizers against rain, vineyards against cold. Wetterheld’s parametrized claims are indemnified instantly, without lengthy assessment processes.

AI for Augmented Insurers

Zelros offers AI solutions to two groups of customers:
Insurance Sales Advisors to understand the profile of customer and recommend the best products, the best arguments and prices; and Claims Handlers to reduce every part of the claim processing: claim filing, missing information in complex case, processing time, etc.


Embedded Insurance

Weecovere enables eCommerce and marketplaces embed insurance in their customer 
Weecover has already a dizain of insurance products available off the shelf, designed with leading insurance companies. eCommerce websites can leverage them through Weecover’s API architecture or in white label solutions.

Parametric insurance

Riskwolf enables insurers to build and operate parametric coverages at scale.
With Riskwolf, you can turn real-time data into insurance. Using unique real-time data and dynamic risk modeling, we enable insurers to build and operate parametric insurance for digital risks.

Strategic return beyond financial return .

We don’t just invest. We are working closely with Boards of Directors, innovation and business teams or corporate VCs, to support their strategy, boost tech-driven innovation, source startups and invest.

With strong exposure to the ecosystem of the best insurance entrepreneurs and startups, is a strategic partner to our Limited Partners. We believe that a fruitful collaboration between corporates and startups, creates win-win-win situation and in long term increases valuation of our portfolio startups.

Access the best deal flow in Europe .

Thanks to our automated scouting technology, we’ve spotted more than 3200 startups in the past months. Many of them as early as at their first online apperances.

The technology allows to observe high level industry trends with detailed startup-level information. Besides, creating the biggest insurance-related dealflow in Europe, it is also a source of knowledge about ready-to-implement tech products for insurers and banks or even a competition watch for portfolio startups.


insurance-related startups
spotted in Europe so far

Meet our Team .

Meet Founding Partners, with past experience at AXA Strategic Ventures and Euler Hermes Digital Agency backed by insurance and tech experts


Florian Graillot
Florian GraillotFounding Partner
Jan Kastory
Jan KastoryFounding Partner


Patrick Perlmutter
Patrick PerlmutterProduct
Victoire Dosne
Victoire DosneSales
Kadidja Sow
Kadidja SowPeople / Talent
Bechir Tourki
Bechir TourkiCTO
Adrien Gonzalez
Adrien GonzalezDev
Thibault Taupin
Thibault TaupinGraphic
Long Do Cao
Long Do CaoData & AI
Mathias Biehl
Mathias BiehlAPI
Pierre Sein
Pierre SeinBlockchain
Pauline Pham
Pauline PhamOpen Innovation
Nicolas Barbet Massin
Nicolas Barbet MassinFinance
Estefania Escobar
Estefania EscobarEcosystem
Francois-Xavier Tanguy
Francois-Xavier TanguyAccounting


Gregoire de Montaigu
Gregoire de MontaiguPartner - 'Les Cousins'
Michael Amar
Michael AmarCEO Ifeelgoods
Sophie Gibaud
Sophie GibaudInternational
Alexander Ruthemeier
Alexander Ruthemeierex-Rocket Internet
Clement Royo
Clement Royoex-Regulator
Caroline Thelier
Caroline ThelierGM France - PayPal
Laurent Gibert
Laurent GibertAtos, ex-Aviva
Alex Jubien
Alex Jubienex-Head of mobile - Deezer
Nigel Walsh
Nigel WalshMD Insurance
Alexis Fabre Ringborg
Alexis Fabre Ringborgex-Withings
Francois Ruault
Francois Ruaultex-Apple, Microsoft, Amazon
Damien Bon
Damien BonCEO Stuart
Olivier Stibler
Olivier StiblerNeoBank, ex-Groupama